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September 28, 2010


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Has this been run through a CI server like Hudson?

Daniel Wellman

@tim - I'm not exactly sure what you mean, so let me rephrase the question. Please let me know if I am answering correctly, or if I've missed your question.

Q. "Can you use Bane in automated tests of an application, such as unit tests for a Rails application? Will these tests work in a Continuous Integration server like Hudson?"

A. You should be able to use Bane in automated tests for an application, such as a Rails application, though I have not done that. You should be able to use the Bane::Launcher class to control and manipulate Bane programmatically. Bane's own tests do this, see the BaneIntegrationTest in Bane's source code.

These tests should work on a CI server like Hudson - the only reason I can think of a potential conflict is if you start Bane on any port that happens to already be in use on that system. In that case, Bane will fail with a socket binding error of some sort.

Does that help?

Jim Wilson

This is exactly what I was looking for - thanks a bunch. Is there any way to make it listen to all incoming connections ( as opposed to just localhost (

I'm running bane 0.2.0. Thanks!

Daniel Wellman

@Jim - I'm glad it's helpful, thanks for commenting!

Right now it only listens on, but with a code change and new version push I could make Bane listen to all incoming connections on In fact, it seems like that all connections should be the default; do you think there's a reason to support both local-only and all incoming?

Daniel Wellman

Bane version 0.3.0 has been released today which features a command line option to listen on all incoming connections. Use "-a" or "--listen-on-all-hosts", for example:

bane --listen-on-all-hosts 3000 NeverRespond

will start a server on port 3000 that accepts connections on all hosts and never sends a byte of data in response.


Came upon this article looking for more info about GServer and stayed for the bane.
I am using it on a current project and I am very happy with it. Thanks!

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