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March 08, 2009


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Gabriel C

I don't know a thing about the Time & Money library, but if you want to leverage the type system to have a compile time error when you do 2.minutes + 2.months, 2.months shouldn't return a duration. It must be something that can't be added to 2.minutes...

Daniel Wellman

@Gabriel This makes sense. My thought was to create two different RichDuration types; one for a basis in seconds, the other in months. Then implement the + method such that you can only add units of the same type.

Alex Baranosky

I'm really enjoying learning Scala; there is so much it can do, while still staying statically typed. I found your blog from the Cyrus Innovation website; do you use much Scala in your work there?

Daniel Wellman

@Alex We don't use it on any projects right now, but we're considering getting started by writing new tests for an existing Java project in Scala. It seems like a fairly simple way to ease into using the language.

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